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    Default Carter BBD 2 barrel on a large log 200 was running lean. It now does 82 mph in 2nd

    I increased the max mph in 2nd (C4) from 70 at 4400 + rpm to 82 mph at 5100 + RPM by adjusting the metering rods 3/4 turn richer.
    I had previously installed a noisy Speedway motors Sniper electric fuel pump, a 1/4" return line thru a .040 restriction and insulated the under hood fuel line. Head is milled .060, HEI dist. Stock Enginetech 256 cam. 2" exhaust. Stock exhaust manifold, 3.25 gears, 205/70/14 tires. I got rid of the mechanical fuel pump that heated the fuel to engine temperature. I'm running a 205 thermostat to keep the oil temp up in the winter. 82 in 2nd was great fun. I'll check a plug to see if I need a richen it more. I'm in the foothills so testing max mph is limited to 2nd gear.
    Update: "I adjusted the vacuum piston gap then test drove it.
    I shifted the C4 into drive at 85 mph 5300 + rpm."
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