Hello Fella's

New to the forum, happy to be here. Here are some gapped timeline pics starting with a few of the auction pics when I bought it.

Current status: Still sanding LOL. I'm a autobody noob but I'm getting better by the day.

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First day Home, Thanksgiving eve which is historically a very bad night for me . It's entrance into it's new life was very painful. The car carrier guy was cool but kinda not good at his job. Pouring rain for about 3 hours to get it in my garage.

Wont let me attach pic ... I'll come back

Some of the wiring I dealt with ... So bad. Everything was bypassed and rigged up, awful! Had an on/off switch to start it, like for the starter itself lol.
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Some interior work now done. Heater core replaced
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On to body work and I'm trying to save everything I can. Front and Rear bumpers took me weeks and the rear should have been trash it was so bad.
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I think I will post my Google photos album as it seems it may a lot easier then posting pics directly here.

Engine is currently at machine shop. I decided on a 347 stroker kit. I have juicy set of Edlebrock heads waiting to go on, can't wait!

As this project is literally a money pit, I'd imagine this thread to fairly active for at least another year.