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    Default New Guy from Oregon

    Hello there. I have an un-restored 1979 Mustang Pace Car. It is in boxes at this time. When I say in boxes, I mean in boxes Purchased it last year as a rolling body with a steering wheel.

    I am a retired Veteran. First four years, 1968/72 in the Marines. Last 22 in the Air Force. I am a Vietnam era Veteran. While in the Marines I was ordered to Danang but the war was over for the Marines, so I went to Japan with VMA 211. Stayed in the rear with the women and the beer. Then served with the Air Force. Made up for the not going to Vietnam. Saw lots action flying special Ops on HC-130's. Had 435 Combat hours...

    Did the body work and paint last year with the Pace Car. After seeing a Pace Car painted yellow several years ago at SEMA I figued it was OK to paint one red......Bad choice. Used Ruby Red. Color came out WAY darker then I wanted. So it has sat for a while waiting for me to make up my mine about it.

    Looking forward meeting folks.


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    Welcome to FEP & thank you for your service.
    Love to see pictures of your PC, even if it's a work in progress.
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    Welcome to FEP and congrats on your PC from a fellow PC Owner.

    Personally not a huge fan of the PC being painted wildly different colors. I have seen one painted all black, white, the afore mentioned yellow, different silver, and a few other colors, but only the first 4 put the stripes and decals back on. Obviously your car and you can do with it as you see fit. I am a fan of Ruby Red, just not sure that it works if the car is striped and decaled up with the stock colors.

    My PC needs a repaint, new stripes, and decals right now too. I am struggling with painting it the original Pewter or possibly doing a slightly new silver/pewter color. I still haven't made up my mind just yet. I know I have to have the stripes and decals otherwise a PC looks something IMHO.

    Thank you for your service to our country. My father was a Vietnam vet and a 30+ year Air Force Fighter Pilot. He flew the F100 Super Sabre in Vietnam. Good luck with your PC and post up some pictures when you get the chance.

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    Welcome! I briefly flew thru Iwakuni in 1971 (in the back of a P3).

    That your Pace Car on C/L in Eugene?


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