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    Default 83 GT turbo Wiring Issues

    Finally got the tires mounted on my shiny new TRX wheels an went to put them on my 83. Shook the suspension and found a loose wheel bearing so took care of that. Took it for a drive and it just didn't want to seem to go. It ran fine but was just soft. So short loop (couple miles) and then back home. Popped the hood and it's really hot. I had been watching and it had never got hot but retarded timing, as in missing SPOUT would cause both so I start looking for the SPOUT connector. Start moving the wiring sound and see that it's losing it's insulation just like my 84 SVO.

    For the 84 I was just going to upgrade it to 87/8 wiring and EEC, which gets rid of many of the oddballs of that setup. However I was planning on keeping the 83 stock given it's rareity. What are my options? Ron Francis makes a harness but I'm betting it's no closer to the stock 83 than the later TC harness.


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    Ron Francis "Detail Zone" offers an engine wiring harness that can be integrated into your OEM harness, but it is definitely not a stock replacement unit. None of the offerings from Ron Francis are direct replacement harnesses. They are all designed well and work well, but again are not OEM replacement units. I just installed their Telorvek system in my 86 Bronco for the 5.0 EFI as well as their Access 24/7 system for the rest of the vehicle. Both work very well, but DO NOT replicate the OEM wiring. The Telorvek system is nice in that you can use the fuse panel/junction panel as a Test Out panel during diagnosis. It also allows for a clean install, especially if you need to run wiring thru a small opening. The down side is having to mount the large panel somewhere and the computer will be just a few inches off of that. I ended up mounting the panel under the driver seat and the computer next to the driver seat on the custom console. Maybe not my favorite choice, but it works and made wiring up much easier on my 52 year old back.

    The Detail Zone MG-65 is probably the easiest option, although it will most likely still take some work to integrate fully into the OEM vehicle wiring. The Telorvek system has some benefits due to the added wire length and you are not limited by a taped premade harness, but again you will have to locate the fuse panel/junction block somewhere. Not sure if this helps or not, but if you need dimensions on the panel, let me know and I can measure mine. Good Luck!

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    I am also in the process of upgrading my 84 W code. The wiring is not pretty so I purchased an 87/88 TC harness that I'm hoping will work. I also will be upgrading to a PimpX in the future, but was considering going back to stock ECU first to get on the road. My 84 currently has a Holley Commander efi/ecu setup which is outdated. Don't have $1000 to get the PimpX yet.

    Did you ever get the 87/88 harness hooked up?

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    No, and now I need to do my 83 GT also. Winter is coming soon and I'll get back to inside shop work.

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