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    Default 1985 Ford Mustang GT - Radio - Ford OEM Premium Sound

    FEP Members,

    I have a non-functioning Ford OEM Premium Sound (non-digital/electronic) radio from my 1985 Ford Mustang GT. I sent both the radio and amp to Doctor Don's Radio Repair in Texas. He is restoring the amp for me. Per his review, he cannot repair the radio due to:

    Regulator Circuit Defective,
    Tuner Circuit IC Defective and Not Available,
    Cassette Motor Dead and Not Available

    1. Have any of you had any success with getting your radios repaired / restored? If so, where/who? I am looking at this route before seeing if one of the shops that "replaces" the guts with newer electronics can revive it.

    2. Do any of you have a source for a functioning radio? My radio code is 7. The Ford part number on the unit is E5ZF-19A198-BA (5L260?)

    This is out of an original, stock 85 GT with just over 14K miles. I am trying to keep it as original as possible. Thanks in advance.

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    Radios were still optional back then. I believe the unit displayed is a dealer installed unit as it has a Ford logo on it. I believe the factory units were ETR. 85 was the crossover year so sometimes things are not 100% clear.

    Yours being an older mechanical unit, I would think it would be an easier unit to upgrade for newer electronics. You might try guys who convert them.
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    Thanks for your response. The AM/FM Stereo with 4 speakers was a standard inclusion on the 1985 Ford Mustang GT. The AM/FM Stereo with cassette tape, Electronic AM/FM stereo with cassette tape, and Premium Sound were options. In this case, I have the R code 7 which meant the car came from the factory with the optional AM/FM Stereo with cassette tape and premium sound. The next step up would have been the "digital" or electronic version of the AM/FM Stereo with cassette tape and premium sound.

    I'm hoping to have the stereo fully restored rather than converted. That's not panning out at the moment. The amplifier is being restored. If I cannot get my radio restored, I'll be looking for a functional replacement. After that, conversion.


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    There is a guy I used here in Houston, Texas that restored my digital premium sound unit. He used to work on a bunch of these style radios back in the day and still has parts for them you can no longer get. It was a of the parts not available anymore...and he also replaced the belts on the cassette deck. As with you I wanted to keep the car as stock as possible...wound up getting a cassette lead so I can play an ipod full of recorded music instead of modifying the oem unit.
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    Thanks. Do you remember their name or have any information? Doctor Don's is just north of Houston in Huntsville, Texas. He's the person I've been dealing with. He had repaired these radios in the past. However, I believe he is running out of or does not have the original parts to repair them anymore.

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    I found a functioning radio (matching) and sent it to Doctor Don's Radio Repair. He is restoring it and I'll have a functioning, original radio and amp for the next owner to put back in the car.

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    FYI the premium sound amplifier was separate from the radio and was a separate option. Since your original radio's face plate says "Premium Sound" your car did cone with that option. But you could get all three radio without that option. They would say "Stereo" (code 4 and 7) or "Electronic" (code 6) without the PS option.
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    Thanks. This does have the separate amp and Doctor Don's was able to restore it.

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