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    Default 1984 GT Hard Top Resto Mod

    Hey all,

    Been away from the platform for two long and have been re-bitten by the bug.

    I am considering a 1984 GT Restomod
    V8, 5 Speed, 5 Lug conversion, Disks all the way around
    Camber and Caster Plates, Looks like the suspension has been replaced with adjustable shocks
    Very low original miles, under 20K, clean interior, custom leather seats.

    I'm just looking at pictures right now so I don't have more. Looking for your opinion on what a high and low number might for something like that?


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    Hard to say without photos and more information at this point. I would be surprised by all the modifications for an original low mileage vehicle. Not saying its not, but I would be surprised if the actual mileage is truly under 20K. Sounds more like a 120K vehicle with nice mods. Again, I could be wrong.

    Low number could be $5K depending on overall condition and true mileage. If in great shape and truly low miles, then the modifications might hurt the value since most low mileage buyers want all original (stock) vehicles, but if done well and looks great it could also be a $15K vehicle.

    Foxes are increasing in value with original low mileage cars leading the way. Well modified cars with 5.0 Coyotes, suspension, and brake upgrades can also bring good money reaching into the mid $20K if done right. So all of it really depends on the overall condition of the vehicle and how well the modifications were done. Good luck!

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