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    Default Retrofit charcoal canister on a 85gt

    Iíve been fighting the gassy smell in my gt for years. At some point my father had the cats cut out and straight pipes. H pipe installed. And dual dynomax mufflers. He also ditched the heat risers from the intake and the cap off the smog pump and back of the heads. It all added to the problem.

    Iíve ordered a new Bassani exhaust w x pipe and cats. Dual mufflers and 3Ē tails. Iím thinking about doing a Sniper swap to be sure and kill the smell. But I also realize the fuel tank also has a valve for pressure which normally shoots periodically that vapor into the charcoal canister and I believe eventually into the engine.

    But since my stock smog pump has been cut up, capped off, and who knows what else, Iím thinking about ordering a new canister from LMR. I believe they come from the later 80s stands so it will be a bit of a figure it out install. But if I can run new lines from the gas tank to a new charcoal canister, can I in some way or another get the fuel tank vapors killed so they donít reach the interior?

    Thanks for the help
    Joe E.

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    Check the filler pipe seal at the gas tank.
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    Yes you can, Search the form for the pages on just that.

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