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    Default Ford Takeover 2021

    Anyone here have any info on the Ford Takeover event in Jackson TN. in early May, like where the premeet is going to be held?

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    85 McLaren Conv
    85 Cpe Project car Making a TTop GT 5 spd car out of it
    89 CPE
    86 GT TTop roller parts car

    2001 F250, 2006 Mustang GT Conv, 63 Herbie The Love Bug Clone

    Looking for a Blue T-Top V8 car with EFI

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    That was the first and last time I'll attend this event. It damn near caused a divorce thanks to Garmin and the aftermath of rain on sandy red clay in the show car area, not to mention trying to locate the pre meet and dragstrip. I'm still trying to clean that nasty clay/sand mixture off of the cars tires. Then coming home was caught in a god awful storm front with high winds and rain coming down in sheets, plus watching the fuel mileage drop like a toilet was flushing. Never again.

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