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    Default Bassani stainless exhaust. Anyone use it?

    I went alittle off the deep end a week or so ago and ordered a catted X pipe (doing this to help stop the gas smell in my car) and a 2.5” to 3” tails cat back setup from Bassani. It was alittle more expensive than flowmaster and pypes but I liked the quality and fitment there seems to be with Bassani’s stuff for the foxbody.

    Anyone have these on their 302 with shorty headers? Hoping for a sound clip. 👍🏼

    Any issues lining it up on install I should be aware of?
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    Nobody? ��

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    Hey Joe, just curious if you installed your exhaust yet (hopefully you have!) and how was the fit and finish? Could you take pics of the tailpipes from a side and rear view of the car? Thanks!
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    Looking for an exhaust currently. How do you like it?

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    He's so happy he hasn't stopped driving since installation!

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