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    Default Seat re-do underway

    As mentioned in a previous post, I'm reupholstering the seats. The foams came in but as expected the upholstery will be a few weeks. I'm not using the original seat frames as to not destroy the old seats. They're not what you'd call decent, but still, I couldn't tear them apart. I sourced 2 sets of fox seats I found locally to make sure I have good frames. I've decided to use the blue set since the material was in a little rougher shape than the red. I'll give or sell the red ones to someone once I know I was successful with the project. I will update with pics once the upholstery arrives. I went with CJ Pony Parts because of price, and they had a $40 discount on the upholstery. Shipping is often a little iffy with them, but the foams arrived in 3 days. (I liked how the blue seat's top frames have the red straps stiffening the frame and probably preventing the foams from "creeping" out the back over time.) Not yet sure how I'm going to tackle making the knee bolster work with these non-knee bolster bottom frames...
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    Just an update... late May is the expected delivery date from TMI. I will update once I have something to share.

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    Inspect all the backrest frame welds. Common for them to crack from use.
    Nothing like a good looking solid comfy seat. How do others put up with worn out seats?
    I use a sheet of Tyvek wrap over the springs so they won't dig in to anything over time

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    I like the Tyvek idea, thanks!!

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