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    Default Radio chassis (?) reference

    I found this place in a you tube video. Does anyone know where to find the specific chassis info for our factory stereos?
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    Looks like a website for factory service manuals for electronics. I found some part numbers for factory radios in there, but they list part numbers that I can't identify and aren't in the Ford parts catalog.

    Sometimes the engineering number will be stamped on the radio chassis housing. it's not the actual"part number" though.

    Are you looking for a part number for a particular radio?
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    I have seen some Ford radio service manuals. They may reference some chassis numbers but it really comes down to getting the internal parts to make repairs. It seems to be way beyond the dyi capability at that point.
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    Sam's PhotoFact manuals. Used to use them when I did TV/VCR repair...
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    Their products seem to be listed (at least for my radio type) by the D9 or E2 type of numbers. That said, they don't appear to have the schematic for my particular model (E4ZZ-18806-D). I have the Premium Sound AM/FM cassette w/auto reverse, which was a first for 84, according to the 84 Ford Sound System catalog. Bummer.
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