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    Munching tapes is probably dried out curve set drive belts. The capstan has to turn at a constant speed for sound quality, the supply and take-up reels have to turn slow when loaded, fast when unloaded, so, there is a clutch that the drive belt runs under the reels. The clutch lube may be dried out as well. It would take some disassembly to make sure.

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    Just got done connecting a home cassette deck to the pc.
    Works fine.
    Tried some old cassette tapes and half of them got eaten. It's the cassette.
    Same machine plays a fresh new blank 3M AVX60 pro cassette normal bias cassette fine.
    Belts, tapes, or combo of both, wear out.
    As a test, put the same known good new blank cassette in a Sony Sport boombox. Started to eat it.
    It plays the music until too much tape is wrapped up inside machine for the wheels to turn.
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