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    Default New edge t5 in fox

    howdy folks, I'm back working on the 85! I needed a break from rust repair on the bronco. currently I'm working on the 5 speed conversion and finally ditching the aod. good riddance. I've been collecting quite a few parts for this the last few months all sourced from junkyards, market place and kijiji. the transmission i have to use is a v6 t5 from a 02ish stang with bellhousing and a blown 91 dated 4 cyl wc t5 that is good for parts/core. I also have a 5.0 t5 bellhousing, king cobra clutch and various other parts as well.

    I'm aware of some of the differences between the two, but am hopeful that I can make something work between them. first and most important is the speedo, the "tremec" t5 appears to use a hall affect sensor where the "borg warner" t5 uses the gear. what i wanted to know is if I will be able to use the fox tail shaft housing on the newer trans even though it has the reverse synchro and modify the shaft to accept the plastic speedo gear? if i can swap tail shaft housings will the top cover still work from the v6 trans or will shift rod be the wrong size and need to be changed over from the 4 cyl unit as well? I know that the input shaft is different. if I purchased a input shaft for a 93 5.0 and a bearing retainer to go along with it will the gears on it match up to the v6 unit?

    in essence I want to use the v6 trans, 5.0 bellhousing, fox tail housing, top cover, 93 5.0 input shaft and retainer. I did do some research on this topic, but most of what I found was for the 94-95 sn95 cars. ill be tinkering around with this some more this week I'm just looking for as much info as possible before I rip my car apart again. Thanks.

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    Make sure your fox length input shaft is for a 3.35 first gear. The tailshaft housing I'm not 100 percent sure about though and i think the top cover and shift rails are all the same. The length difference between the v6 t5 and 4cyl/v8 boxes is in the bellhousing and input shaft.

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    FWIW I swapped a tailshaft housing on my V6 T5 from a 2003 mustang with the electronic speedo to a 98 style tailshaft with the gear. You need to drill a hole in the mainshaft in the exact right location to attach the speedo gear with the clip. Its a hardened shaft and not easy to drill but do-able.

    I am not 100% sure about the 4 cylinder tailshaft housing either but believe it should be interchangeable with all T5's if its from a WC etc.

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    I was just worried about the tailshaft housing not working because unless I'm mistaken the 4 cyl fox t5 i have has no synchro on reverse where the v6 t5 has it. Not sure, its been awhile since I have played around with one of these transmissions. I'm going to open them up tonight after work.

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    Seems like alot of work. When I did my swap, I just used the 2001 trans as is. I wanted to find a 94-95 5.0 bell housing and thought I found one so I could use the regular Stang clutch and flywheel. Instead I just used a 87 truck clutch and flywheel. I bolted everything up and went as is.

    I did use the oss from the 2001 trans, my 87 tbird used a electronic speedo from the factory and the plug was even right, but it read 4x actual speed, so it said I was doing 85mph before the top of 1st gear. I modified the speedo to read up to 199mph which made it so I could just divide by 4, so I never really got around to trying to swap in a gear and use a regular vss.
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    I don't believe the reverse synchro is affected by the tailshaft housing. I've done this swap several times.

    For drilling the hole in the main shaft, a dremel with a diamond bit will grind through the hardened surface. I just carefully grind it out to make a small hole for the little tongue in the retainer.
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    Ok, I assumed that the tab on the reverse brake that attaches to the back of the synchro had to line up with something on the housing otherwise it would break.

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    Yes you still have to be aware of that tab and clock it accordingly when you assemble it so it does not bind...but that would apply to putting the tail shaft housing on regardless etc. Now I think about it I am almost positive I used a tailshaft housing from a later model 4 cylinder for my swap.

    Good suggestion on the speedo hole. I think I used a carbide burr to start the hole on the hardened shaft and then it went easier. You really only need to drill a little bit, just deep enough so the clip fits into it and flush....if I remember correctly.

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    I had an output shaft that didn't have the hole for the speedometer gear. I didn't want to try drilling the shaft for fear of weakening it. I put some red loctite between the retainer and the shaft and forced the gear on till the little tab on the top side of the retainer clicked into place. The tab on the bottom of the retainer that normally goes in the hole sort of bent upward. I did not modify the retainer. That gear never moved through years of racing abuse. It's still in the car and the speedometer still works.

    Kind of a redneck solution but it worked.

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    I think I mostly have it figured out. I did end up having to grind the tab off of the reverse brake, my fox style extension housing did not have the slot machined in it to accept it.

    I'm still waiting for my speedo gear to arrive. I'm thinking if my new one fits as snug as the original one I have the method of securing it mentioned above will work fine.

    Last part of this puzzle is the input shaft. I have been looking at the replacements, I know I need the 3.35 23 tooth to match my fox bell housing and the retainer to go with it. does 9 1/4" sound correct as far as length is concerned? All the information i found on line say it should be 7.18" (7 3/16"). Mind you I don't know where everyone is measuring their shaft from, but I do get this measurement on the 4 cyl shaft from the back of the retainer to the tip of the shaft while its installed. However its not even close to 9 1/4 total length removed from the case. Should I be fine ordering it for a 1992 to match my 92 dated bell housing even though its 9 1/4"?

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    FWIW I ordered my input shaft from cobra transmission when I did my swap to convert to fox length from the longer V6 T5.

    This is what I ordered and it worked good. I got a new steel retainer from another supplier.

    Hope that helps.

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