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    Default Man I hope this isnít true.

    As I kid I dreamed what the future would as a. Adult,not liking it..this is just unreal to me.if itís true

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    I just read the link you posted. I am not liking it either.

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    I'm not against electric cars, but the practicality has to improve a lot in terms of range and recharging for me to consider one. Same goes for electric motorcycles. Still, nothing like the sound of internal combustion to get the heart going.

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    I'm with bmw rider, until recharging an electric car is similar to pumping one full of gas timewise, I'm not interested.

    When electric cars can handle Powertour or One Lap or a Cannonball without having to pull over and charge for 8-12 hours every few hundred miles I'll consider one.

    Right now they're just novelties for city dwellers imo.

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    I still don't want a electric car but then I don't want anything newer than what I currently own which is my 99 Mustang. Until gas is $10 dollars a gallon I'll make what I own work.

    But then there is my 85 notch 2.3L. Do I go electric? Looked into it, $12,000 in parts then buy batteries and labor for custom install. Not likely, when I could just spend around $5000 or less and have a nice driving 5.0.

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    buy the time you get it paid for you will be replacing the the $10,000 worth in batteries. the normal batteries that start the cars now are lucky to get 4 years out of them so whats it going to be like to have to replace one that cost 10 grand?

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    Batteries that the components are strip mined from the ground. Environmentalists say they want to save the planet right up until their agenda is in conflict with reality. Also electricity just magically appears from the outlet.
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    I think there is something wrong with the thought process of people who both push for more electric vehicles and also want to stop using fossil fuels for generating electricity, when fossil fuels account for the bulk of our generating capacity. Where do they think the power is coming from to keep those cars running?

    One example would be CA where they are practically mandating electric cars and don't have enough capacity to keep the lights on now. I guess it's assuming that some new, clean and affordable power source is going to be discovered, and that's totally unrealistic.

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    I agree with all of you. I work in the oil and gas industry, but I'm not opposed to alternative fuel ideas. The problem is that it's not practical....particularly on a large scale. Coal-burning power plants are just as bad as internal combustion engines. Nuclear power is also opposed by environmentalists, and I can agree to a point (just look at the Fukushima problem). Windmills produce clean power, but they have a huge footprint and require a lot of carbon output to produce. Solar, on a large scale, is also not feasible. I believe the answer is a combination of all of these and continued advancements in clean energy. It's also worth noting that I'm probably considered an evil climate change denier, but I still don't like pollution and prefer clean air and water. As for the mustang going all-electric, that may be good for a performance standpoint... but not for nostalgia. The classic mustangs (including our foxes) will just keep going up in value. So there are points to be made either way, I suppose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kfxmatt View Post
    As I kid I dreamed what the future would as a. Adult,not liking it..this is just unreal to me.if itís true
    Well written click bait. It is widely known that Ford is looking at it as an option to offset "future environmental penalties" across their offered platforms. So when you see articles like this, they may be taking things out of context in such a way as to draw posts like the OP in hopes of driving more people to hit their web site. More traffic, more revenue, more revenue, more advertisements at higher prices. A truly vicious circle.

    I'll leave it at that.


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    If this comes true, this is another misguided idea from Ford Management. They already have the Mustang Mach E for anyone that wants a "sporty" E vehicle. The reviews I have read, state its better than a Tesla in many ways, but definitely not a sporty, handling machine when pushed to the limits.

    NOT EVERY Mustang buyer wants an Electric vehicle! Just because the Government and now many of the Automakers want us all to switch doesn't mean its going to happen much less happen over night. I am not against E cars, but as so many have stated until the battery technology and the charging technology make it as convenient and quick as a gas/diesel powered vehicle, I just don't see myself buying one.

    Just to prove the point that E vehicles can't replace a regular truck just yet, one group loaded a 3500lb trailer onto a Tesla and tried to head up the Rockies out of Boulder or Denver. Their trip lasted less than 100 miles before they were out of charge. YEP! Not quite there yet my friends. My ole 2004 PSD that is not the most fuel efficient vehicle can make it from Grand Junction to Denver on about 2/3rds of a tank of diesel for a mileage total of @270 miles up and over 2 major passes in the Rockies. An E vehicle might make the trip on one charge in good weather, but will now have to charge for 8-12 hours for the return. When we used to drop our girls off at college we would make the trip there and back in a day for over 600 miles.

    I see this as a way for Ford to make the Mustang a niche market vehicle as their sales are going to plummet if they choose to go down this path, but Ford making really dumb decisions seems to be a corporate mindset and philosophy rather than a mistake as of late.

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