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    Default Removing rust scaleling on underside without painting

    I have a very little rust scale built up on one of my cars. Any good way of removing without painting over the underside. Car is pretty original and donít want to change the look.

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    The best way is to knock any loose stuff off and then use rust converter. I know you don't want to change the original look, but then again, it sounds like rust is already starting to do that on its own. If you are dead set on not covering it, then you could use a good penetrating oil and steel wool. The only problem with that is if you change your mind later on, you'll really have a tough time getting rid of it completely. Any residual oil could keep paint from bonding. This is typically more of an issue when painting conspicuous areas, though. Underneath, it really doesn't have to be perfect like on a fender or hood. You can just touch it up as needed.
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    Since you live in AZ I am going to assume that your definition of rust scale is drastically different from mine. You could try some naval jelly to remove it. I've also had good luck with vinegar and lemon juice (citric acid), but that usually requires being able to soak or submerge the area.
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