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    Lubner, I would think that would make it possible for someone to make a line of them again as there gotta be a shortage on the market. Maybe time to organize a group buy if there's enough interest.

    Wraithracing, well that makes sense and it is a similar concern as swapping refrigerant medium in the AC, compability issues. I thought it was some property with the silicone fluid itself. I have converted one car already when rebuilding that brake system and there's not been any issues with the brakes so far after a year. I blew out all the lines and bled thru enough DOT5 to fill the system twice just to assure there was no remnants left of old fluid, and that car has a way more complicated brake system than any non-ABS Ford ever made that I know of, a triangular brake system. Volvo liked to over-engineer their stuff back in the day.

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    I got the word back from White Post Restorations and it is a no go on resleeving the proportioning valve as they will have to cut thru the threads on one side. I was wondering how they would work around that.

    The void of warranty stems from "known compatibility issues with some rubber components."

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    Since no one was capable of producing any information on the condition of their SVO brake proportioning valve they were offering, I presume they are just as bad as the one I have, so I decided to put the repair kit on my pieces and assemble it. I bled the brakes, well, kinda. Turns out that the car was losing some brake fluid thru the brake failure switch. If that is not a brake failure, I don't know what is. To get it working I went thru my assortment of screws to find a candidate to block that port. Now I am not losing any brake fluid at least. It is just a temporary fix to get the car moving.

    I put a battery in and it took three quick runs with the starter before it fired up, and it ran just fine. Not bad considering last it ran was about three and half years ago. Dirt on girl as proof how neglected she's been.

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    A fast wash and she is much happier looking.

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    A quick drive around the block revealed that this proportioning valve is not going to work as it is. I locked up the rear doing a hard test brake during a slow roll. I guess I need to venture into an adjustable valve and a new proportioning house to get it working properly, or have someone machine a new housing for me. In my spare time since work is slow I 3D CAD a valve just for this purpose, however, I need exact dimensions of the bores and I don't own a tool for that.

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    that is an incredible fox. if you ever want to sell it I'd love to have a chance to buy it.

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