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    Default Inline early intake

    Has anyone upgraded their throttle body size on the older inline intake. Not the square one everyone guts and rotates but the early one. Read something one time where I read something one time where you could use a sn95 throttle body on the early intake
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    I haven't done it yet, but I have all the parts. And yes you can use the sn95 if you swap the cable attach point to a ball to match the cables socket. That said the thunderbird supercoupe throttle body is good to go.

    You will also need the BigR motorsports adaptor plates and a tps off a escort.... I think its an escort.
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    HI I have questions on this
    what are gains?
    what other changes are needed pcm? any or tuning ?
    will it work with stock injectors.
    How about a sticky link on this mod

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    I installed a 95 gt TB on my on 2.3t, and the biggest difference was not having to neck back down when I installed my fmic. I did notice a little quicker throttle response as well.

    I did not change anything else and it ran great unitl I went full crazy and changed everything up on my car.

    Here is a link about the swap.
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