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    Default Cruise Control Issue

    Hello, I have an 82 GT that I am having restored, and as part of the restoration I have swapped out the manual transmission and had an AOD automatic transmission installed. The guys at the resto shop now can't get the cruise control to work. All components have been replaced except for the speed control amplifier and the steering wheel switches. They are using the correct speedo cable for cruise control. Any guidance / tips / tricks to try to get the cruise to work that I can pass along to the resto shop guys would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just resurrected the cruise control on my '86 LTD. It turned out the switches in the steering wheel weren't making contact. WD40 did the trick for me. I would pull the wheel and make sure the switches are making contact with an ohm meter. Also maybe sandpaper the contacts a little bit on the column and the circles on the wheel if they are working.

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    Thanks; I will pass that along. Any other thoughts / ideas are appreciated.

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    Have they installed the clutch pedal jumper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrecisionTrans View Post
    Have they installed the clutch pedal jumper?
    I don't know, but thanks very much for the suggestion and I will pass that along to the guys at the resto shop.

    Any other suggestions from others?

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    Any other thoughts here? The resto shop guys confirmed good switches and good clutch pedal jumper. They are concerned that somehow with the switch from the manual transmission to AOD that something isn't properly communicating, but they can't figure out what that might be.

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    Does the horn work. Cruise control is powered up through the horn relay.

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    Im not 100% sure of this,but I believe if the clutch safety switch wiring is jumped with a plug in jumper or jumper wire,it triggers the cruise to not engage because it simulates that the clutch pedal is down all the time and when the pedal is down or tapped,it cuts off the cruise just like it does when tapping the brake pedal.Ask the shop if they installed one after the removal of the manual components under the dash.When your car had a manual,the clutch pedal had to be pressed down in order to start the car.When you swapped from manual to auto,I believe a jumper plug or jumper wire has to be inserted into the clutch safety switch wiring harness in order for the starter trigger wire (at the starter relay/solenoid) to send power to the solenoid to trigger the starter to turn over,so if a jumper is installed to allow starter engagement,its likely also causing the cruise to not engage.So as a test I would call the shop and relay this info then tell them to start the car with the jumper in place,then remove the jumper and get it out on the road and attempt to engage the cruise.If the cruise works afterwards,thats the issue and another workaround will have to be done.It may be a simple wiring harness change thats needed to fix it or a toggle switch of some type could be put in place that could easily be turned on/off to open the jumper after the car is started.

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    Get a Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual for your 82. They explain exactly how the cruise works and give troubleshooting hints.

    It needs a vacuum supply to the servo, is it hooked up?

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    Thanks very much for the responses gt pony and wbrockstar; I will pass these along to the resto shop guys. Any other thoughts are also appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0F0 CBR View Post
    Get a Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual for your 82. They explain exactly how the cruise works and give troubleshooting hints.

    It needs a vacuum supply to the servo, is it hooked up?
    Yes this is a good point.Verify vacuum at that hose with gauge & verify no leaks in hose also.

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    Thanks also to 0F0 CBR, whose response I didn't see before I posted the earlier thanks. I will also pass this along to the resto shop guys. Further suggestions are also appreciated.

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    Free downloadable wiring diagrams in pdf form are located here:

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    I'd suggest the resto shop follow the evtms troubleshooting steps on the system. On my own car (87 crown victoria) I converted from auto to manual and cruise didnt work afterwords. I added the clutch dump switch just like a factory 80's ford with man trans would have came with and swore up and down everything was right. I started following the troubleshooting steps and found my problem. A wire that supplied power slipped out of a connector. I had to relocate the cruise computer and that is when the wire slipped out. Everything may be correct and you just have a loose wire!

    Good luck. I understand wanting to have everything want to work like it should.

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    Well after some research,I found out that the Foxbodys didn't get equipped with a clutch safety switch until the 1984 model year & up.There should be a cruise interrupt switch of some kind on the 82 models with the manual pedal assembly,but if your pedal assembly was swapped to an auto setup,the switch is likely gone now and the wiring just dangling there disconnected wouldn't affect the cruise at all.

    (EDIT 11-7-2020)
    Did you have to put the manual transmission in neutral before it would allow the starter to turn over,regardless of whether the clutch pedal was up or down?? If so,a NSS (neutral safety switch) may be the only safety component on your year model thats required for starter engagement.Therefore the clutch pedal wouldn't have had to be floored for startup.
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