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    Default Making room on my shelves... New item added

    Ad closed, thanks!
    Thinking my prices are low because I just want it gone, but not trashed or costing me anything to get rid of. My garbage can is free after all.

    New Pioneer clutch cable for direct pull clutch (mainly '81 and earlier). $20 shipped. Sold

    Poly rack bushings. Also brand new. $10 shipped.

    Short throw T5 shifter. This is the factory shifter off the M2300z transmission. $25 shipped.

    Double hump trans crossmember. $20 plus shipping. Sold.

    New clutch pivot ball thing. $8 shipped. Sold

    Phenolic spacer Sold

    Air cleaner mounting stud. My Fitech apparently uses the next size up threaded rod. $5 shipped.

    Pretty sure those are priced ok anyway. Local pickup for less. Say $40 for everything if you come grab it.

    1/2" phenolic carb spacer. $15 shipped.

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