If I should be posting this in the electrical forum let me know but figured since there was some specific LTD stuff so it should go here.

I keep going through speedometers in my '86 V6 LTD. I have replaced the cable and am on my second speedometer and it has just started acting up as well. Couple this with there is no tachometer, someday a T5 will render the non-working gear indicator useless, there is no info other than speed and fuel, and the whole thing looks kinda grannyish.

I thought about the Holley EFI digital dash but am not ready to do the engine swap yet and want to try the EEC IV before going to the Holley. So I want to put in some aftermarket gauges.

Here are my current questions:

1. I assume I can run a modern electronic speedometer off the VSS?

2. I want to keep all of the warning lights. I found out the hard way that the alternator will not charge with the cluster not in place. (Somehow I was able to coast into within 5 feet of my normal parking spot after it died). Will I need to put in a 500 ohm resister in line for the amp light, and will an LED work as a new replacement?

3. Should I wire a voltmeter up to just any + 12 volts off the fuse block and ground?

4. Will a 73-10 ohm fuel gauge work with the station wagon sending unit? If not is there a way to build some kind of conversion circuit, or will I need to buy a higher end programmable fuel gauge?

5. Will a modern tachometer work off of some output on the engine? I want to use one that says it will not work on the negative side of the coil. I could buy a tach adapter but figured there's probably somewhere that would provide a tach signal since it is EFI. Does anyone know what that would be?

Thanks for the help!