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    Default Fall Garage Sale. Miscellaneous items

    1981-1986 Mustang T Tops. These are mirror, not smoke. No cracks or damage but these are obviously used and show wear and have minor scratches. The plastic interior trim is black and present. The latches work fine on both. The weather stripping is OEM but still soft IMO. Located in Charlotte, NC. Definitely prefer local pickup due to the fragile nature of the item. $100. I actually also have a set of the harder to find í87-88 T tops.

    1984 Ĺ-1985 LX/GT rear spoiler. Does not have the third brake light hole. No damage, I believe itís original paint. ALL the tabs are intact and NONE have ever been repaired. Located in Charlotte, NC. I definitely prefer local pickup due to the size of it and difficulty to package it. $150

    1982-83 Red door panel set. The panels are very straight and show very little water damage. The OEM dew wipes are even soft and intact. There is a vinyl trim along the bottom that has some minor splits but it appears to be a separate piece that could easily be replaced or repaired if you are that picky. In case you arenít aware, the manual panels can very easily be converted to power. There is a cut out in the hardboard backer that you just remove and then trim the vinyl. Located in Charlotte, NC. $100 pus shipping

    1979-1986 Canyon Red center console. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will receive. Nothing more, nothing less. This item is in VERY used condition. It was removed from a car with T tops and has fading. It will need refinishing. You canít clean this up to look presentable in my opinion. It has some cracks which are pictured. Located in Charlotte, NC. $40 plus shipping.

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    Does anybody know if I can adapt the 82-83 door cards into a late 80 car? My car has the door knob in the upper section, I know the arm rest is different and the location of the door lock knob would also have to be relocated to the top.

    Is this a complicated process? If it isn't I am interested in both your door cards

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    Bump to the top. Still for sale.
    Liberty once lost is lost forever.

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