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    Default Miscellaneous Die Cast Models & NASCAR Items

    Miscellaneous Die Cast models. All are in the box but the boxes are far from “mint.” There is a tape “seal” on these boxes and none have ever been cut. They have never been removed from the boxes. These are not what I would consider in collectible condition even though they are new in the box. $10 a model plus shipping. Located in Charlotte, NC.

    This one is obviously out of the box. The box is long gone but the stand is present.

    Sunoco plastic racing banner of unknown length. The box is STUFFED with it so I’d say it’s fairly long. I did check the plastic for any deterioration and it seems very flexible still and is not “sticky” or brittle. It has been stored inside a cool basement the whole time. Based on the shipping label on the box, I bought it in 2009 and have never removed it. This item was likely an alcohol fueled late-night purchase. $7 plus shipping.

    Miscellaneous Autographed Star Cards, Hero Cards. Rusty Wallace, Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman.

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    First time bump on these. Make an offer. You have to put an asking price on here to list something. It was a starting point.
    Liberty once lost is lost forever.

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