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    Default LTD Wagon Hatch Pop?

    Does anyone know how to add remote pop to the hatch on an LTD? I was looking at Door Lock Actuators on RockAuto and this one says it is for the Front, or Rear Liftgate. WVE8D1054

    Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 88922269, DLA65, E1ZZ66218A42B, E43Z5426594A, E93Z54218A42A, E9TZ1526594A, F03Z54218A42A, F0ZZ66218A42A

    When looking at the latch release I don't see how it could turn without the key inserted. I can envision mounting the thing but it would really take some fabrication to make a slider or something to pop it open without the lock cylinder turning. Did they come from the factory with a remote hatch?


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    Back in the early 80's, installed a new power trunk latch assy into the Mustang.
    Is a hatchback, but latch is same as trunk type.
    Been working great. Nothing like a power hatch latch. Rarely use the key.
    Mine was from 70's GM product. Dad said it would fit and was right. Simple direct swap.
    One of those universal fit parts that was used by multiple auto companies back then. Same 2 bolt mounting pattern.
    All in one unit. Is the older side latch style.
    Unbolt old latch, transfer key cyl to power latch, install, line up, install push button switch in a convenient spot, run 12v from it.
    Unknown if key cyl turns when solenoid releases the latch. Need a spotter. Looks like the lock cyl is bypassed internally.

    pretty sure it looks like these pics found online. been a while.

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    Thanks. I didn't think about looking at another manufacturer. I won't put an LS engine in my car but would consider one of these. . You can see where the cam action will allow the solenoid to open it without turning key, but it will still work when turning the key. I have one from a hatchback mustang that works like that but it won't come close to fitting on the wagon hatch.

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