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    Default Wondering what my car might be worth?

    Im a used car dealer, but I sell primarily Diesel trucks, not muscle cars. Some with a new kid on the way brought this car into my lot asking if I would buy it. Im a car guy so I knew hoe rare a 1986 LX 5.0 Coupe was and is. However, I really do not know what it is worth. I've never owned a Fox Body but have wanted on since the 90s. Im going to keep this one around for a little while at least. Im considering repainting that car as it current color combo is horrible.

    It may have 87k miles, Might be 187k miles. It is not 287k miles. Not a chance. This car is in amazing condition for 187k miles and better then expected for 87k miles. There is not one spot of rust and I have not found any body filler. Body panels seem too fit better then new. Doors close as good if not better then new. Body is a 9.5 out of 10.

    I know it has Edelbrock heads, intake, distributor and a small cam. Not sure if anything else has been done to the bottom end. I can see those parts. Transmission was rebuilt. It is a 5-speed swap. Rear diff has been rebuilt. I was told it has 3:73s in it. Kid said the rear diff was narrowed so the wheels he wanted would sit flush. Not sure on that part...

    Suspension is all upgraded. High end stuff. Upper and lowers, front and rear, springs, sway bars everything under there is aftermarkets.
    Has Cobra brakes.
    The interior is very clean. There are no tears, but the drivers seat fabric has separated on the upper bolster. The upper dash pad is cracked. Im pretty sure I will put GT front seats in and replace the dash pad.

    My gut is telling me its worth about $8k as is and maybe $10k repainted. Of course it cost more then that to paint it. I do not know Mustangs. Im a GM guy. This car is incredibly solid. Thanks for reading.

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    I’m not into performance mods much so nothing jumps out as impressive. It’s really just an LX model. While you say the condition is very nice, I see the big scrape on the front bumper cover. $8-10 k seems a bit high for anything with over 50,000 miles. It would have to look pristine and need nothing to get that money.

    Just my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinK View Post
    Iím not into performance mods much so nothing jumps out as impressive. Itís really just an LX model. While you say the condition is very nice, I see the big scrape on the front bumper cover. $8-10 k seems a bit high for anything with over 50,000 miles. It would have to look pristine and need nothing to get that money.

    Just my opinion.
    First, Thank you... your opinion it valued.

    Yah, the mods make it hard to say. They are all mods I would have done to the car before I would have wanted to drive it. They make the right buyer harder to find but those mods saved me at least $6k. There are zero 5.0 coupes for sale for me to compare. Only thing I would base my purchase on was the cost of the performance mods. I have two friends that will both give me what I paid for it... so I know I didn't over pay. Just at a loss as to what to price it for if I decide to sell. I'm hoping to hear its worth more then I think with a full repaint. I really want to repaint it back to factory colors. Then keep it.... as it is I HATE the color.

    I think "Just an LX" is the most desirable. To my knowledge they did not make a higher optioned coupe. If it was GT I would say it was a $4k car.

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    '79-'93 Mustangs have skyrocketed in value, due largely to an auto auction involving a multi-millionaire named Dennis Collins. If you google the name, you'll find out more. After selling-off a large cache of mostly wrapper-fresh Third Gen. Mustangs, and making insane amounts of money, really overnight these cars, no matter the condition, doubled in value. Ex: Over the summer, I put one of mine up for sale to gauge the market. 1983 no option GT. Got about 5 calls the first day! By month's end had over two dozen inquiries, and a firm cash offer which I subsequently rejected. Normally, with any car over $5,000 (which this one was) I would get maybe THREE inquires the whole month. I would not say $8G's for yours is unrealistic. Sticking points might be trans swap(Auto-5spd?) and all those custom components. The more custom stuff you can switch-out, the faster you'll get your eight thousand.
    (The hood & wheels would absolutely have to be switched-out though; for a car over $5G's those are non-starters).
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    unfortunately no matter what we have done and how much we put in, the car is only worth what you can get. With the stuff going on in the world right now things are crazy.

    Put a high price and if no nibbles lower it some.
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    Im familiar with Denis and those cars, amazing cars. Unfortunately, stock hood wont fit with the current intake setup. Im pretty sure i will keep the car and paint it. I personally really like the wheels and so will other younger buyers. Being a dealer I can get top dollar from the non collector looking for their high school dream car. Think financing options.

    I will keep an eye out for the stock wheels. I prefer to have both sets then either buyer is happy. Im already looking at factory shifter parts to hide the fact that it is a swap. Odd that the perfectly equipped car for me showed up in my drive way. I've been watching for a Fox that I liked to come in for years. This one is almost perfect. Damn, I hate the paint on it.

    It is kinda of sad, but it is a fact. You should never sell a car to the group that loves them. When your totally into a certain car you know the guys who have them. You know where to find them at a bargain price. I never offer a Dodge Diesel to group of Dodge lovers. I offer the Dodge to the 6.0 and 6.4 Ford guys.

    Thanks for the input.

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