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    Default 83gt not charging

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    I recently changed carbs on my 83. The wot switch is unplugged and now the car is not charging. Iíve read a couple posts on here saying that might be the problem. Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue?

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    That is not your issue, WOT switch is for AC. Are you sure the alternator is good? How about the regulator? Is the big yellow wire intact from the solenoid to the alternator? How about a picture or 2 with the back of the alternator, regulator and solenoid. If you haven't changed anything, then you probably have a parts failure.


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    If I recall correctly there was a TSB that directed a change in that circuit to wire up the voltage regulator to the WOT switch so that the alternator is cut out at wide open throttle. Obviously this wasn't a factory thing and done at dealers.

    If this was done on yours I think you can just wire up the field wire on the alt to +12v switched and it will charge.
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    the WOT switch is for the alternator too. jump a wire between the two wire and see if it charges. its been a long time that I did it but I think thats what I did.

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