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    Default Ignition switch question on frankenstein 86

    I have an 86 mustang that we rebuilt.

    I replaced the steering wheel and during that process the ignition switch fell apart.
    I got another switch, but... now when I turn the key off and out, the stereo comes on. like it is in acc mode.

    my question is (which I can't remember) when you turn the regular mustang switch to acc. Do you turn it forward one place? or do you turn it back one click?

    I seem to remember turning my old mustang back one.

    And what year tumbler/switch goes forward one click to go to acc mode?

    thanks hope that made sense.

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    Back one at least up to 86

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    that is what I seem to remember,
    all the way back on this ignition is off and key out.

    It was a theft recovery so that could answer some questions.

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    When I first bought my sons 80 cobra it had the ignition key switch destroyed from a theft attempt. Up until we replaced the steering column and ignition key assembly the switch could still be operated and started by reaching in and moving the gear in the column with a screwdriver. It was hard to tell where you were at exactly with the switch for on/run/crank using this method.

    When I replaced the ignition key switch parts I found that you need to get the gears meshed up just right for the new key switch to work correctly in all positions etc.

    Perhaps these gears are out of sync one click on yours and that's why the accessory comes on when your key is actually in the off/remove position. It took me a bit of playing around with this to get it working right with the new parts if I remember correctly.

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    Yes I was thinking that too, just not thrilled about going down that rabbit hole.

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    There are 4 positions.Acc,Lock,On (run)
    Crank (start) The lock position is the one which allows the key to be removed from the lock cylinder.The Acc position is 1 click back and since the same ignition switch is used on all 79-93 models,I would expect the key positions to be the same also.Did you replace the key lock cylinder or the plastic ignition switch??
    If it was the cylinder,the key must be inserted and turned to the On (run) position before sliding the lock cylinder into the housing then once thats done turn the key back to the Lock position and this locks the cylinder in place and also indexes the pin on the metal rod with the hole in the ignition switch.This rod,and its pin engaged with the switch,is the item which physically slides the movable portion of the ignition switch back & forth between the various positions.So rotating the key to different positions moves this rod back & forth.
    If it was the ignition switch you replaced instead,it has a metal security wire attached to the switch which retains the switch in the correct position for installation.If the wire is removed before installation & the switch moves to a different position internally,it could place it in the wrong position in relation to the lock cylinder.
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