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    Default Help with 1986 trip odometer

    Iím the original owner of an Ď86 GT. With about 2,500 miles on the clock I installed a Ford 140 mph speedo, and it shows just under 96,000 miles. The trip odometer has quit working. Does anyone have experience fixing the trip odometer?

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    If you still have the original odometer, you could explore/experiment with it first.
    1985 GT owned since new

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    I'm working on repairing a few speedometers now. Not real good at it but give me a few days and I'll see what I can find. My current 86GT speedometer/ odometer is quite noisy so I need to swap the whole thing out. I think it may be worn gears but sometimes the components get a little loose and grind themselves away.

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    I checked out one of the speedometers I am looking at. I need to replace the current installed one with one that is less noisy. I tested the replacement and it seems in good order and quiet. But so did the current one a few years ago after the original died. Which I cannot find in my collection for some reason. Without a speedometer that is truly broke I can't offer much advice. But if the trip odometer is anything like the stock 85 MPH, it is a separate part that can be removed and replaced. The green side gear that turns the main odometer also turns the trip odometer and the whole thing swings away from the unit when the reset button is pressed inward. Kind of ingenious when you see it operate. I imagine the gears get a little loose with vibration and start to chirp and bind up. It might be possible to tighten them up if removed but I'm not sure.
    I can try to take some photos if that would help.
    Wish I could do more for you. Hope this helps.

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