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    Default '79 Pace Car Insulation Replacement

    I removed the interior carpet and replaced the factory insulation with Killmat 80mil and Noico RED 150 Insulation. I found this tag when I pulled out the insulation. Looks like it came off the seat belt maybe?

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    The replacement of the insulation was tedious and I tackled it in two phases. After treating the floor pan for rust, I did the rear hatchback portion up to the rear passenger floor pan. Had to remove various interior panels and replaced the insulation or added insulation behind the panels as well. Next I tackled the front section which turned out to be easier than the rear portion. This was because you didn't have to contort your body around from the inside as in the hatchback section. For the front portion you can work outside the passenger and driver doors. The tunnel required me to get inside but way more headroom in the front than the hatchback section. Some pics

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    All in all, it's not an easy job. I took me a couple of weeks to get everything pulled and replaced working at least 3 hours a day. Cutting and shaping pieces is what took most time. Seems like it would be easier but lot of pieces need to be custom cut to fit gaps etc. Road noise is greatly reduced, and with winter approaching I'll see if the temperature insulation features work as intended. I'm rather confident they will though.
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    Did you use the OE carpet or buy New and how did it fit. Its been some time, how is it driving now ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by plumkrazy View Post
    Did you use the OE carpet or buy New and how did it fit. Its been some time, how is it driving now ?
    I bought new carpet from the NPD website. It fit good, but some trimming is needed around the tunnel area shifter hole. I am pleased with the sound/temperature insulating properties of the Kilmat and the closed cell foam Noico Red finished off the sound insulation. Best of all, the prices are very reasonable for both the Kilmat and the Noico Red.

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