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    can someone recommend which brand 10w30 engine oil to use in my 1984 SVO. iím reading a lot about the need of zinc... etc.

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    I recently used Valvoline 797975 (5W/30 synthetic blend) in my 85.5 SVO and it worked great.

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    Higher Zinc in the oil content is something that is debated among many. Not saying it doesn't/can't help, but there are others with more test data that shows the zinc content is not as important and thought many years ago.

    If you are not breaking in a new engine or camshaft, I personally wouldn't be that concerned with the zinc content. I would recommend a quality full synthetic oil that meets your temperature extremes and call it good. Personally I am not a big fan of the 0w and even the 5w oils in most cases as I feel they are just too thin to provide protection. A member on Corner-Carvers that worked for Ford on the 5.0 in Explorer and also the 4.6 projects admitted that the 5w20 oil recommendation from Ford had nothing to do with engine longevity and reduced wear. All of it was for better fuel economy. He stated all the test engines torn down during the prototype stages showed excessive wear due to the 5w20. I personally run 10w30 in all my Modular motors as well as my daughter's Mariners with the 3.0 V6 that specifies 5w20 and both vehicles are @ 150K miles with no engine issues.

    Most likely a 10w30 full synthetic will work just fine again depending on where you live. If you are in an extremely cold climate and plan on driving in the winter or colder months then you might consider a 5w30 for better oiling on cold startups. If you live down south with warmer climate then you might even consider a 10w40 to help with the additional heat generated by the Turbo and the hot ambient temperatures. Good Luck!

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    what "wraithracing" said.

    If you are still overly concerned about needing zinc you can get zinc additive at almost any parts store and maybe even wally world!
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    I've been running Mobil 1 in everything since the late 1980's/early 1990's. Mustangs (2.3L, 5.0, 2.3L Turbo), Fairmonts (inline 6), 5.4L modular in Expeditions, Ranger 4.0L pushrod, Sport Trac 4.0L OHC, GMC Acadia and others. Knock on wood never had an internal engine failure (including timing chains on 5.4's with one going to over 280,000 miles and only being retired due to repeated spark plug thread stripping issues). Where I've had valve covers off everything is real clean with that oil.

    I run whatever weight is recommended in the manual which is either 10w-30 or 5w-30 depending on the vehicle. I see some merit to the argument that 5w is more a fuel economy thing than an engine wear thing, though and will consider using 10w in everything. Haven't owned a vehicle specifying 0w or anything lower than -30 so far so no experience with those light weight variations.

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    Any difference on the 2.3 carb turbo cars? I cant find the correct spec on any websites and the OG oils back in the 80's probably have nothing on modern oils. I was planning to switch to a full synthetic 10w-40 from the 20-50 Castrol dino oil. I am on the West coast and typically drive in 50-95 (morning to afternoon) degree f weather with the occasional 100plus in summer. I was running the 50 due to higher temps and turbo but not seeing much in that high in spec on the synthetic oils. A reputable source says current synthetics dispel the rumors that your seals will leak if you switch to synthetic so I'm not worried about that. Am I on the right track?
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