I have an 84 LX convertible.

Just yesterday I noticed a problem that wasn't there before. When I pull the knob for headlights, I get headlights, but no side markers, no front amber lights and no dashboard lights. If I pull the knob all the way, then slowly slip it back in until I find the "sweet spot" and the dash, side markers and front amber lights all come on. But i have to mess with the headlight knob every-time I turn the lights off.

Also, if I pull the knob one notch to the spot where I should have dash and front marker lights, I get nothing at all. Now my first suspicion was the headlight switch was going bad. I went to the local parts store and my parts guy said there was 2 possible headlight switches, so being that they know me well, he gave me both and said to bring back the one I didn't use. I tried both of them and they both produce the same results as my stock original. So its not the switch.

My son is a mechanic, just not an auto electric wiz, but he pointed out that my headlights flicker, and I now notice the information center lights on the console flicker too. So like my son says, there is a bad ground somewhere. I suspect the stereo installer that installed my USA-740 and JBL Basslink subwoofer.

I noticed my fog lights weren't working after he did the install but he insisted that he did not touch anything near the fog light switch so I was not able to get the guy to fix it. Now I'm thinking something he did under there compromised a grand somewhere that's affecting my headlight switch and lights.

Anybody else ever seen symptoms like this?