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    Jason is a nice guy. I met him last year when our cars were inside at Carlisle. I enjoyed talking with him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoxChassis View Post
    After the 1985 model year started the 'Capri RS' in the U.S. was changed to 'Capri 5.0L', and the "RS" embossed bodyside molding was removed. And for some inexplicable reason DAP put a "GS" badge on the hatchback liftgate. The buck tag on these "Capri 5.0L" cars continued with the "CRS" (Capri RS) stamping. Canada continued with the 'Capri RS' nomenclature in 1985 and 1986. This car is a Capri 5.0L (RS).
    the Motorsport Capri's all were given the GS badge at the factory, dispite not being a GS. All cars retained the badges when arrived at the dealerships. a couple exceptions aside, such as the prototype which the Capri & GS emblems were removed during the styling to allow for the original unused decal scheme that wrapped around to that spot on the hatch.
    1985 Mercury Motorsport Capri Registry
    Official Pace Car of the Mercury Motor City 100 - Grand Prix IV

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