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    Default 1986 upper steering column question

    Is the column itself compatible with the newer models?
    Mine is tilt as well

    thanks I haven't seen much info on these

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    You can interchange the 79-89 columns. You will have to swap the switch gear depending on year model, but they will interchange. The 79-mid 83 have the splined shaft for the steering wheel. The mid 83-89 use the D shaped shaft. The 86 will have the D shaped. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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    Thank You, I was hoping it was the same my steering wheel is a bit wobbly I am hoping it is the two bolt for the tilt steering.

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    where are you located?

    Steering Column repair here in Omaha does one hell of a nice job on columns.
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    Are the bolts in question mount the column to the dash, or the steering wheel to the shaft?
    The Torrington Co built some of the upper shafts with a bolt holding the steering wheel on.
    A few of these "bell yokes" had a problem with the diameter of the point of attachment being too small.
    The result was the bolt would bottom out and the wheel was not tight. The fix was a washer
    placed under the bolt that looked like a freeze plug with a hole in it. The hole was larger than the shaft
    So the end was in the washer which seated the wheel correctly.
    I don't remember the year this occurred, and I don't remember if it involved Mustang columns, because
    we were making upper and lower shafts for multiple Ford models at the time.
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    Don't mean to hijack, but I have a somewhat related question. I'm wanting to add cruise control to my 85 vert. It has an 86 wiring harness for the EFI 5.0 that I put in it. Will an 84 tilt/speed control steering column work with the 86 wiring harness and 85/86 cruise steering wheel?

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    I tightened the two upper column bolts that made a difference in the steering wheel wiggle itself, now I plan on modifying the rag joint to a solid u joint.
    hopefully that will tighten steering up even more.

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    Curious about the rag joint upgrade. I've always felt that the steering was way too sensitive (floaty) at speed in my 85GT. I think that is mostly due to the power steering boost being excessive. But how would a solid u-joint affect the overall feel? I expect it would make it more precise, but wouldn't that also take out a bit of 'buffer'?
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    Floaty steering is mostly solved by

    Smaller (under drive) crank pulley
    ó UPR and other similar kits
    smaller (overdrive) water pump pulley
    ó 93 cobra or Summit repop
    Better inner tie rods
    ó reman rack or replacement inners

    better outer tie rods
    ó new OE style outers or a bumpsteer kit

    A synthetic PS fluid instead of typeF ATF

    I also added a small inline filter on my car. Happy with the result
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    how does synthetic PS fluid help? That seems like a fairly easy mod
    Where did you add an inline filter?

    I also put a pulley from a v6 mustang which is a bigger diameter that helped slow it down a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddf View Post
    I also put a pulley from a v6 mustang which is a bigger diameter that helped slow it down a bit.
    Can you provide a part number? I was looking into this awhile back, but got bogged down in all the different options.
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    sorry for delay. I believe it was a 2002 or close v6 mustang. I just pulled it at the pick and pull for 2 dollars or so.
    I brought the old one with me to reference size.

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    Thanks for sharing might

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