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    Default Parking brake/driveshaft interference issue

    My parking brake cable bracket has interfered with my driveshaft. I tightened the cable but I still donít like how much the contraption hangs down toward the driveshaft. There is a small bracket with a hole next to the cable holder thingy. Is there a piece missing there that holds up the cable adjuster closer to the tunnel. Keep in mind this is an 85 lever with NRC cables going to cobra rear disc brakes(if it matters). Thanks.
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    In my experience the issue is due to two items. The first the larger diameter driveshaft can cause clearance issues and if the vehicle has been lowered that only exacerbates the issues. I have not used the NRC cables myself, so I am not familiar with exactly what style they are. The 93 Cobra and the 94-04 cars used a bracket on the body where the cables mounted into and then attached to the brake handle. This is a replacement. I plan on using the same piece on my 82 GT when I get around to finishing it. It may take care of your issue and provide you the clearance you need.

    On other 5 lug rear disc conversions I have also used insulated hose clamps similar to this to help hold the cables up and away from the driveshaft. A good self tapping screw can attach them to the trans tunnel. You can usually pick them up at a local hardware or big box store. Hope that helps.

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    I had a similar problem when I installed my M2300K kit, many eons ago.
    I forget exactly how I solved it, other than doing a lot of swearing.
    IIrc, I added extra support brackets, but also made sure that the added brackets wouldn't break-off if/when I used my parking brake.

    Fwiw, the rubber coated clamps are so-so. I used them to hold my front brakes hoses slightly back. But, the rubber likes to slip off. So, you need to use small tie-wraps to keep the rubber on.

    Now, when I did my brake-line upgrade/replacement, I stopped playing around with the rubber-coated clamps, and I use vinly-coated clamps.

    3/8" Vinyl Coated Clamps - (pack of 25)by Crimp Supply
    Price: $12.88 ($0.52 / Item)
    0.41" hole diameter
    3/4" Width
    0.03" thickness vinyl coated

    Fwiw, I bought a kit on ebay, similar to the following kit:
    Vinyl Coated Clamp Kit
    Unit price:US $136.20/ea

    The above kit looks like it may be in a plastic container?
    The kit I got, came in a heavy metal container.

    Good Luck!
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    Good info guys thanks. My brake was seriously out of adjustment for starters. And I fabbed a little bracket to hold the cable doo-dad against the trans tunnel. Probably should just remove the whole mechanism because it’s mostly a track car. It’s just nice to have one though
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    SCCA requires an e brake so you’re working on the right stuff

    most of the stuff for the ebrake is gone on my 86. I heard it come down and catch the driveshaft while I was running it through the gears but I’ve walked the ditch multiple times and I’ve never found it

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    I didn’t know that
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