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    Default Replacement windshield shortage?

    I haven't really needed to replace a windshield in my SVO right now so have not bothered as I thought they were readily available.

    I had heard on a local Mustang Facebook page from a glass shop guy's post that replacement windshields are not available. At least locally or possibly in some distribution networks in Canada.

    Wondering if anyone has noticed anything similar happening in the USA and if I need to look at getting replacements ordered soon or now.

    Any links on OEM style glass would be nice too
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    Id call glass shops locally rather than believe Facebook hearsay. May be hard to get but not impossible.

    China but states OEM spec not aftermarket design. Phone number 440 area code is Cleveland OH.
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    My son just got a windshield put in his 80 last month. Didn’t seem to be a problem and was cheaper than what I paid for one 10 years ago. They didn’t have it in stock but got it for next day so doesn’t seem to be an issue. Hopefully there’s enough demand they keep making them.

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    Can't comment on Canada, but windshields are available here in the US. Of course, the question is OEM Ford replacement or aftermarket glass. Ford stamped will generally be better quality, but more expensive. I just ordered a replacement windshield for my 86 Bronco. Shop can have it here later today, tomorrow at the latest and will install at my house on Wednesday. I went aftermarket since it saved me $150 right now and I am way over budget on this one. We will see how it looks and does long term, although with the Rocky Mountains most windshields around here only last 18 months on average. Generally I go with Safelite here in the US, but trying another company for this one again because of the $150 savings. Good Luck!

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