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    Default Carlisle Ford Nationals

    My paperwork arrived today. They have me located at the back fence. Looks like the hillside is covered with trucks. My wife and I were in Carlisle over the weekend for a family wedding. The Mopar nationals were going on. Didnít seem to be too well attended. I hope the Ford Nationals do better.

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    A great 2 days at the show. I picked up a set of 84 aluminum wheels for $30. Another set of Asc wheels for $180. A HVAC control panel for $20. I could have came home so much more but the rental is only so big and shipping back to CA is not easy.
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    Finally copied the few pictures to the computer of the event.

    The show was good. Attendance on Friday was about 50%, Saturday was about 75% compared to other years. Not bad considering the circumstances I suppose. The weather was good. Hot but overcast so your brains didn't bake too bad. The Saturday parade was cancelled.

    Here was my competition:

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    The red one is a Crimson Cat that needs work. The owner gave the "patina" a cover of clear coat. The white one is a White Lightning that should look like this:

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    His wheels are the gold TRXs possibly with the original tires. Interestingly it has an I6 under the hood. Needs a lot of TLC but would be gorgeous if restored.

    Since my competitors were somewhat new, I took first place! WooHoo!

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    I can start my own "I love me" wall now.

    Waiting for the awards parade we were parked across from this:

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    Hopefully, I'll still be somewhere around here to go next year.

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    Cool and congrats, Thanks for sharing.

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    Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing the pictures. Your car looks great.

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    Thanks for the complements. Shows are few and far between this year. Everyone at Carlisle was glad to have been there.

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    would like to see more pictures and was the interior tan?
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