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    New guy from MA here, but my '86 GT hatchback is actually my first car which I've owned since 2003. Unfortunately, it's been sitting in my parents driveway since 2012 and it shows. I drove it hard and put it away wet, so it certainly needs some TLC. I'm hoping to get it back into shape before too long. I finally got it to my house a few days ago to start going through it. A quick wash did wonders but I've found some rust in some of the common areas - doors and hatch. Also started cleaning up the interior from years of mice poop and found some problem areas on the floor pans. Once I get it in the air I'm sure there will be more where that came from.

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    Welcome to FEP... Car looks good. Good luck with getting Her back to Life..

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    That GT really cleaned up. Good luck. Be sure to post pics of your progress. We like seeing these cars get some lovin'
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    I certainly will. I’m trying to get as any bugs and mice out of it now before I get it into my garage. Then I’ll learn just how much work I’ve got ahead of me.

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