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    Default Sn95 proportioning valve innards In a fox proportioning valve vs gutting Fox with cap

    I parted out a 1996 sn95 v6 a number of years ago and saved all the brakes since they were fresh on the car before the engine died. Now Iím installing the brakes on my 83 Capri after doing a 5 lug conversion (using 94 front spindles and ranger rear axles). Everything is bolted on, lines are ran and the 94 booster and 96 master cylinder is in place. I read somewhere about a fella taking the sn95 proportioning valve guts out and threading them into the fox proportioning valve and so I did this very thing. All went well but I donít have rear brake pressure. I did bench bleed the master so I know itís making pressure but wondered if anyone else has tried this? Do I need to cut the spring, etc off the sn95 proportioning valve guts so I basically have a cap only (somewhat like the gutting conversion kits)? Or is it possible my rear flex line is bad and the proportioning valve is fine as is?

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    Do you have drums or discs on the rear?
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    As it turns out, I replaced the rear brake hose and I now have rear brakes! I haven't driven it yet but they bleed normally. It seems the SN95 guts in the 83 Fox valve might work. I'll confirm once I've driven it.

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