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    Default interval wiper governor box

    Sorry I have a dumb question my interval wiper governor box stopped working awhile ago. I finally got time to replace it. But I forgot how its connected. Can someone please help me? I tried to find something on the net and no luck I have a 82 Mercury Capri
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    Since this is tech related maybe post it in the electrical section? Might get a more focused response.

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    Its a box with two cable/harness on it, one end goes to the switch and the other goes to the harness under the dash. When you remove the steering column covers and see the switch follow down to the left side under the dash. Its a square black box.
    Before replacing it you should check the ground to it.
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    What he said ^^^ It is "inline" with the wiper arm stalk wiring. You can add intermittent wipers to a car that didn't come with it simply by plugging in that box and the new wiper arm. Takes 10 minutes. The wiring comes up the column and plugs in the wiper arm stalk in a car without it. To add it, simply unplug that connecter, and plug the square black box in the middle and mount the new intermittent arm and you are done.
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