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    Hey guys. I've been searching thru threads looking for a answer to my question but haven't found anything. My 79 coupe has a 408 with a large roller cam. I've swapped to 95gt brakes front and back and changed the master cylinder to a 93 cobra. Kept the stock brake booster but dont believe I'm making enuf vaccum for it to work properly. I'm not really wanting to use a vaccum pump and was wondering if anyone has ran a 96-98 hydroboost with a 93 cobra master cylinder? Or would it even bolt up to the hydroboost. I've read the 96-98 master cylinder bore is 1" just like the 93 cobra. Would be nice not to have to buy another master cylinder and have to make/buy new brake lines to connect it. Thanks

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    The bolt pattern of the 96-98 hydroboost is different than 93 cobra.
    But you might be able to find a different booster with a different bolt pattern
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    I know the hydroboost bolt pattern is different than a stock booster pattern. I'm asking if a 93 cobra master cylinder will bolt onto a hydroboost from a 96 mustang
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    Quote Originally Posted by 79mustang View Post
    So the 93 cobra master cylinder and a 96 mustang gt master cylinder bolt holes arent in the same location? Just clarifying your not talking about the difference in bolt pattern between the 93 booster and a 96 hydroboost. I know those are different.
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    79 Zephyr, 4v/4r70w swap planned, with team z front and rear suspension, 8.8 and upgraded brakes and coil overs.

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    Sorry edited my post right after I had re-read yours

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    Maximum Motorsports has a whole set of information and parts for adding hydroboost to our cars.
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    Hey I've read through most if not all their info. Looks like I'm gonna have to stick to a 96 master cylinder.

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