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    Default 87 TurboCoupe motor into an 89 LX Mustang

    Hi Guys and Girls, thanks for having me onboard. I'm brand new to the whole turbo upgrade concept, so any and all assistance is appreciated.

    So, I have an 89 Mustang LX (this is a test mule, my Dream car is a 79-82 Capri RS Turbo). I recently purchased an Turbo engine from an 87 T-Bird with a 5-speed. Before pulling things apart on my LX, I want to know if there is anything I need before I begin. I have a ECU from a Turbo something or other, so I'll be switching that out. The LX has a 5-speed in it now. Will the stock LX transmission work with the TurboCoupe motor? Are the splines the same? How about the input shaft pilot, will that work? I'll be upgrading to the N95 spindles and rear axle at some point, but what about the current rear axle?

    Thank You in advance

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    The four banger 5 speed in the 89 is essentially the same as the one in the T-bird so yes, it'll work. The 7.5 open in the back of the 89 will also work but, it has really ****ty gear ratio, of course. Hopefully you got the vane airflow meter with the Turbo motor, or you won't be able to make the turbo ECU work. The engine harness is different between the NA 2.3 an the turbobird too, iirc.

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    2.3T FTW! has lots of useful tech such as converting your '89 wiring harness for use with the 2.3T.

    OBTW, Welcome!


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    Sounds like a cool project. You may want to check out Turbo Ford forum also. Lots of knowledge on that site as well. Keep us posted on progress

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    I hope you got the ecu from the turbocoupe. It will make the conversion the easiest.
    I did this conversion on an 89. I had a few hiccups but it wasn't that bad. And the car was a blast to drive. Until I broke the rearend
    Any ways, turboford is a good resource and also stinger performance has step by step on converting.

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    Welcome to a fellow 2.3 turbo guy!

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    Save your Mustang 2.3 motor mounts.

    The 86-88 TC mounts will NOT work.
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