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    Default 1978 Fairmont Water Pump

    Turns out I have limited pictures of my water pump before I took the old one off my block. I have 3-4 different bags sorting the hardware. 1 are 5 bolts that ONLY bolt the water pump to the block. 1 is for the A/C compressor tensioner, another for the alternator bracket...there might be a 4th but can't think of it off the top of my head.

    Oh and this is for the 302 BTW.

    I found a picture of the Alternator bracket, that I can fairly easily tell where those go, but I'm not quite sure I can sort it out any further than that.

    I saw LMR has a water pump diagram on their website for what hardware goes where, but it appears the line in the sand really is 1978 | 1979. So the LMR image is for the 79 and up, and I can tell it's different.

    Anyone know of a diagram for the older style water pump housing?

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    I ended up figuring it out. Luckily I had one picture that helped me eliminate a few holes off the list. So I ended up making a YouTube video about it for future reference. That upload comes out tomorrow morning.

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    Here is that video!

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    I always enjoy your videos. Cant wait to hear that sucker fire up!

    Are you sure you don't want to find a cheap used 4BBL intake and carb? LOL.

    Now stang-less.

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    Thanks for the kind words. I really didn't mean for this one to be that long. It should have been half that long.

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    I'd paint the valve covers. Even if the mismatch isn't that noticeable. You cleaned it up under there so it will look nice, anyway, right?

    That's crazy about the water pump being so different. I've never noticed that.

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    If I had to bet right now, I probably do end up painting them. I'm finding out more and more how the 78 seems to be a unicorn or a mutt (probably pretty common for model year one, kind of like 5.0L in the 94 SN95).

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