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    Unhappy Rock took out a fog light Today!

    The Capri has been running great lately so I decided to take it to work today. Everything was going great until I got to my jobsite and when I was walking around the front of my car I noticed one of the fog lights had a big hole in the glass. I guess a rock must have bounced up and took out the light. The big question is can you replace the glass on our fog lights?

    Any information would be appreciated,
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    Glass lens is replaceable.
    You need to get a set of covers , save you from having this happen again .
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley roachclip View Post
    Glass lens is replaceable.
    You need to get a set of covers , save you from having this happen again .
    I have always questioned those thin covers...versus the fairly thick glass lenses. Seems like the glass would still fracture if a rock hit the cover with decent force...BWK...
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    Glass is available used, not new, and it is replaceable.
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    Before Michigan dump trucks had to cover their loads, windshields, paint, fog lights, took a beating.
    Sand, road debris, asphalt pebbles stirred up by vehicles, do a number too.

    In the 80's, installed Bosch fog light kit. Clear lens. Used as driving lights.
    Lens got damaged too fast. Removed the lights and stored. Replacement lens were 100.00.
    Finally in 2016, found new genuine Bosch replacement lens really dropped in price over the years.
    Judging from much less windshield damage nowadays, times changed.
    Wanted fogs again for dark roads and corners. Picked up new lens and reinstalled the lights in 2016.

    Have the covers somewhere. Every time they were on, had to stop to remove them to use lights.
    On in the day, off at night. If remembered.
    Fogs not always used but used enough to make covers inconvenient.

    This time, decided to do a mod hopefully for glass durability. All is well.
    Went with Trimbrite T9020 Clear Bodyguard vinyl film. Thick. Easy to find.
    Cut and added multi layers to the glass.
    Sticks on great. Durable so far. Peels off for replacement.
    Not affected by bulb heat, no change to beam pattern, no yellowing, no sandblasting from sand.
    In 20k of driving, have one little star shaped stone hit. You can feel it but no hole in glass.
    Am going to peel film off to check it out closer.
    The film may really be giving the bare glass a bit of laminated type protection from cracking.
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    Followup 5/23/2020
    Peeled the film off the lens to check for glass damage.
    Absolutely none.
    All the spider webbing was in the plastic film if you can believe it.
    Glass had some film adhesive on it from the impact after the peel. Could feel it.
    Rubbed on the glass to clean the spot. All traces of impact are now gone.
    Cut new replacement film. Two layers.
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