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    Default '84.5 GT convertible resurrection

    Finally getting around to starting a thread. Y'all have probably seen a lot of posts from me recently on all the little jobs I've needed help with. Thanks to everyone who's chimed in and helped. Always good to get another point of view when stuck in the weeds.

    I bought this car in the fall of '08 from an old friend after he decided it was too much to deal with. He had bought it from another friend of mine and I was with him when he purchased it from a fellow in Houston, TX.

    Story I heard was the car was from the Austin, TX area and was a daily driver until an encounter with some ice on an overpass caused it to spin out and kiss the guard rail on the left-front corner. When I first saw the car (around '06), they had already pulled the drive-train out and decided to sell. Never knew what happened to the original motor/trans, but was told it was worn out.

    Fast forward 2 years and I had my chance at it. Previous guy had the front core support straightened on a frame machine so everything was squared back up again and the hood would close nice. Before, everything was shifted over to the left and the hood wouldn't come close to latching. He painted the black rub strip on the bumper cover to hide some of the accident damage, and started dying the dash/a-pillars black as he didn't like the canyon red interior.

    I had an extra 302 (actually 306) roller motor out of my '86 coupe. Built a 331 for it and figured I'd find something to put the thing in one day. Sourced a t-5z trans and started the process. Cleaned up the engine bay/painted and got the engine/trans dropped in.

    Life happened and I put the car in storage up at my dad's farm.


    Been collecting parts since that time. Fast-forward to 2018. Got the engine to fire, but wasn't getting fuel. Had to drop the tank and replace, along with most of the fuel lines. Never did get it to run well enough to drive back home, so had it towed home in the summer of 2019. Been messing with it ever since. Had a few setbacks along the way, including having to pull the front cover due to installing the cam in the wrong position (luckily no damage). Taking a long time to do each thing because i feel the need to clean/paint everything.

    My plans are to keep it fairly stock. All the emissions equipment is long gone and its 'exempt' from any testing here in Texas now that it's over 25 yrs old. I put arrow headers along with a gutted cat-pipe. Has old flowmasters with dumps. Planning on changing to tail pipes soon as that drone is just too much for me. only other mod is an Edelbrock performer 289 intake manifold. Carb is the stock 4180.


    Long road ahead, but it runs well enough that i took it down the road a couple times. Still need to fine-tune carb/timing.

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    Latest project was getting the maximum motorsport subframe connectors installed. Interior needed redoing anyway, so I pulled dash/seats/etc and discovered a few issues. some rust in the rear pans and a broken rear seat support... on the passenger side! Driver side is totally solid, surprisingly. Appears someone ran over something and caught the front of the support plate and ripped the spot welds and tweaked the pan. took some massaging and tweaking, but got it back in place.


    I am definitely not a welder, but that connector cross piece sure helps strengthen that area up.

    Need to do some light grinding and primmer/paint and it's on to the next thing.
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    Didn't feel like sweating like a dog last night so got the cluster finished up. Bought the gauge overlay decals from lmr and went to town. Also repainted the needles with some fluorescent model paint. Really pops now.


    Threw it in the dash on the workbench just to get a look at the final product:

    Posted in another thread in the interior section, but here's the bezels with the brushed aluminum vinyl. Actually surprised how they turned out.
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    Passenger side piece


    Sourced an uncut dash out of an '86 vert. Dyed and slowing going back together


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