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    Default Need opinions on project Capri value please.

    I own an '86 Capri 5.0 t-top that I parked about 6 years ago, due to health reasons, and thinking I would come back to it asap. Well the health issues never got better, and aside from running it and moving it for a while after parking, the poor thing has been neglected. It's been in the same spot now for a couple years because a brake line blew last time I moved it. I conditioned the fuel and oil but it's been a few years since it ran. The car was mechanically perfect and at 99k miles the original engine had never been apart, good AOD and rear end. No leaks or smoking etc. The only mechanical mods are K&N cold air and 3.73 gears. The previous owner did an amateur hack job on the paint, and with the sitting it'll need rust repair too I'm sure. Considering it'll need to be flat-bedded out of my yard and likely needs a ton of work, I'd like some opinions on value if it even has any anymore above scrap.

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    Pictures will help .
    Sat outside , dirt or pavement ? Color ? Location ?
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    Outside but covered, dirt, color was originally dark red (now is brandywine candy over silver super poorly done), Western NY.

    Pics incoming.

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