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    Default 1986 Cali Beach Patrol Being Saved

    Hi All - I picked up an SSP from a local kid who was going to autocross it, but bit off more than he could chew... I may have done the same, but here I am anyway lol. 146k T5 black on tan (!) coupe that still has the 'BEACH PATROL' lettering sunburned into the trunk deck lid. I understand that the tan interior is a rarity in these earlier models. I will not likely be able to fully restore it due to budget and scarcity of parts for four eyes generally and the tan interior specifically, and honestly I don't have the expectation of that. I am going to be making improvements over time as well as getting it as close to a daily driver as possible during the nice weather months. It already has aftermarket wheels and at least part of a 5 lug conversion done (I am suspicious its just the spindles/axles and rotors/drums, nothing else). It's my quarantine project for now, and a mid-life crisis in the making!

    A couple pics:
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    Greetings and welcome. Nice project.
    In regards to the "tan", aka sand beige, there are a few people that have a variety of pieces available. Be advised, age has/does take a toll on the interior plastics. With that being said, you can post a WANT TO BUY ad in the classifieds. We have guidelines to be followed, which are enforced by our moderators. Read and heed. Best advice for you is to assess the condition of what you have, see if some is salvageable (could be dyed or painted sand beige?) and post up what you are looking for. Best of luck. Oh, DO NOT be afraid to ask questions..... PERIOD.
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    Head over to or on Facebook. Cool car

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    Just seeing this. Any idea of what beach it used to patrol? That car must have an amazing story behind it. Post more pictures, please.

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    I am assuming that California Highway Patrol the original ordering agency and then it was handed down to 'beach patrol' after? What does the buck tag say?
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