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    Quote Originally Posted by gmatt View Post
    Impressive. Just shows what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it.
    Thanks for the kind words!

    I was able to get it pretty much all welded up today. Had to go back and weld up some more pinholes, and of course there was one in the corner and I canít reach it with my grinder now that the stovepipe is welded in place. Still have to tack weld a bracket up under there, I think for the top of the pedal box.
    I poured a bunch of water over it, and it all came out the side, no leaks into the interior so once itís seam sealed it should be good.

    Fired up the new pressure washer and gave it a spray down and let it dry in the sun. Wire brush, lacquer thinner and 1 quick coat of Eastwood rust encapsulator platinum. I chose the platinum because it can be painted over rust, as well as bare metal since the welded in piece is not rusted.

    It doesnít look great, but I am reasonably certain that it will not leak again any time soon, once the seam sealer is applied.
    I will let this coat cure, then scuff it up and apply a second coat, as well as get the cowl cover prepped and encapsulate that too. Then apply seam sealer generously and prob will topcoat it black. It looks like it came black from the factory.

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    Feels good to get to this point.
    This was a very involved, unexpected repair. I was aware of the frame rail and 2 small holes in the floor when I bought the car, so this was kind of a kick in the balls. But hopefully the hardest part is over and everything else goes a little easier lol
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    That's about the story of my life... I'm still pretty shocked how rust free my wagon really is. It's got a little cancer around the rear tail lights, but that's it. Glad to see you got it fixed. That's one those repairs that would cause most others to give up, and that I usually get for real cheap!

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    That cowl rust repair looks impressive, great job!
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    Very impressive work, looks like it came out great!
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    Thanks guys for the kind words!
    Not my best work but it will do lol
    79 Zephyr, 4v/4r70w swap planned, with team z front and rear suspension, 8.8 and upgraded brakes and coil overs.

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