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    I posted earlier in the wrong section. Anyways.. I figured out on my 84 SVO with 80k miles, the inner tie rods are shot. Ive been searching, does non-SVO inner and outer tie rods work on the SVO ? Also... if I end up putting in a new steering rack I read the 84s used TRW racks and then they were changed to Ford racks. Where is the best place to get the correct rack ? Thanks for any help.

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    I have not looked it up but I think the inner the rods are the same. Actually, I believe it’s the inner right side that goes bad. As for replacement racks, it’s a gamble on getting the right one. Best bet is to get yours rebuilt. I believe I posted it about 2 months ago here or on svocop site. Not sure on the outers. I can look it up later.
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    Using Rockauto site, 2 Cardone brand racks are commonly listed.
    Reman and new, whatever that means.
    With or without performance suspension.
    Ford part numbers and specs are posted.
    22207 or 97207 rack and 22203 or 97203 rack.
    207 racks listed as 2.4 turns lock to lock, 203 listed with 3.0 turns.
    Prob the same racks with different amount of limiters installed. Believe both are Ford mfg.

    Upgraded to a 207 Cardone reman in my 79 Cobra. No leaks, issues, noise.
    Stock unit was a variable ratio TRW, but replacements are not easy to find or any inexpensive options.
    Purchased from AZ. They had it in stock. Kept the old one.
    For the money, was not worth rebuilding the old one.
    Also replaced the pump, hoses, outer tie rods, added filter.
    Felt replacing all was best for like new results, compatibility, install time, and longevity.

    Have kept the oe factory rack.
    Reman TRW rack #2 was a POC from day one. Am told it is a valuable core by local rebuilder.
    The current 207 rack #3 is fine. Noticeable quicker steering than the TRW racks.

    Also check all rear upper and lower control arm bushings. If worn, can cause wandering.
    Worn right rear front lower bushing will cause on/off throttle yaw.

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