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    Default 93 Headrest

    1993 Mustang GT
    How do the headrest come off?

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    There is a groove in the shaft of the headrest near the bottom of it. In the seat frame there is a metal spring clip that catches in the groove to prevent the headrest from pulling out.

    One way to remove it to use something like an old school "slim Jim" slid down along the headrest shaft to pry/pop the clip off the shaft while pulling up on the shaft to release it. Another method is to unzip or release the bottom of the upper cover on the back of the seat. Stick your arm up inside the cover and feel around until you find the clip that catches on the headrest and again pry up/out to get it to release. You may be able to do it with your hand or a small flat blade screwdriver or small pry bar. As prying up/out on the clip pull or push up on the headrest to release.

    Sounds more complicated than it is. Once you have done a pair of seats, it's pretty simple deal, until then a bit of a PITA. Good Luck!

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    It seems to always be a struggle for me every time lol. I always succeed though, but I my defense I only do it like every 10 years.

    Now stang-less.

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    I just did a set and Trey nailed it. Unzip and go up through the back, I have done a couple sets and have never had luck with the "slin jim" method. Hope you have long skinny arms! 1/4 inch wide about 8" long screwdriver worked best for me (not the little Craftsman one).


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    The last ones I fought with required a putty knife prying out on the clip AND a long handled screwdriver that I blunted with a grinder then a few firm raps with a hammer.....

    Bleeping headrests.

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    Thanks Guys,

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