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    Default Vacuum line between I/C and manifold?

    Hey guys, I am looking to plum the vacuum lines for my 2.3l engine that I just installed, and I found a vac diagram, but I'm a bit confused as to the function of some of the lines. Here is the diagram: Name:  2009-08-05_074507_vac_diagram.jpg
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    I'm wondering why there is a vacuum line routed from the intercooler to the vacuum tree (shown in green) I see it has a check valve in it, but I also don't know which direction that is supposed to be facing. Anyone have any hints?

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    This is for a 87-88 Turbo Coupe I believe.

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    My bad. Yeah 1988 T-coupe

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    It has to do with the cruise control. Should be in the EVTM. The non-intercooled EFI cars have the same setup, but instead of the intercooler the fittings screw into the discharge pipe off the turbo.
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    Interesting... I wasn't aware these cars had cruise control. Do you have any ideas as to which way that check valve is supposed to be facing? I'm mainly confused on how it doesn't cause a vacuum leak, as it is routed from before the throttle plate --> behind throttle plate. Generally things like that would cause high idle, etc.

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