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    Default Cobra R front end offer

    Hi All

    I've been offered a Cobra R front end Hubs Stubs Rotors disc plus a Cobra R booster which the seller (4 hrs drive away) is saying is 5 Lug (seen no photos as yet). As far as I know this can only have come out of a 93 Cobra R? Which i'd imagine is as rare as rocking Horse poo here in New Zealand so I would like to make sure what he's selling is the real deal.

    Would this slot nicely into my 84? If so Is there any tricks for young players that I should be aware to check on?

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    There were also '95 and '00 Cobra Rs. All of them were 5-lug, so you definitely need to know what you're getting. The '00 R had hydroboost (rather than a vacuum booster), so if the guy said it includes a Cobra R booster then that most likely rules out the '00.

    The '93 and '95 stuff would be very similar to each other.
    - 2-piston PBR calipers and 13" rotors - the same as the regular '94+ Cobra, so nothing special there
    - The same spindles/knuckles (stubs?), also shared with every other '94/95 Mustang (V6 or Cobra), so again nothing special there

    Really the only noteworthy things would be the vacuum booster, master cylinder and prop valve. You'll definitely need to clarify what these parts are coming from.

    Edit: Yes, you could use these parts on your '84. The booster is probably going to be the toughest bit - they're bigger, and a bit of a pain in the ass to fit on an early Fox. There may be better options than using the booster, and depending on what rear brake setup you've got, the master cylinder and prop valve may not be what you want, either. If you're not going to use those bits, then you'd probably be better off just buying regular '94+ Cobra brakes rather than spending $$$ for rare Cobra R parts.
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    Thanks for your advice Patrick.

    I've asked him for clarification, i'm guessing he may have thrown in the "R" for what ever effect he's after.

    It may fit together well with the below that has been hanging around our trade site for a while?

    Again another hefty drive away (Am wondering if the whole 5 lug conversion may end up throwing up more problems than advantages given the limited range of options in this corner of the world)

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    That is a 7.5" rear end out of a 94+ mustang V6. You would be better off with a takeout 8.8 our of a 86-93 and previous Mustang (I believe 86 was year one for Mustangs). Here is Spokane, WA you can pick up an 8.8 fairly cheap ($150 USD). I wouldn't drive around the block to pick up that rear end unless I needed the brake setup.

    Good Luck! And remember, this is my opinion, not fact.


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    I you just want 5 lugs, go look up the 5 lug conversion thread and pick up the Ranger Axles and drums. Cheap, quick and easy.


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    Thanks Mudge

    That's the idea would be to transfer the brakes and hubs? Would they be a direct swap?

    Unfortunately it's real slim pickings here, there's bugger all older american iron parts around for the fox's to the point i'm now investigating what possibilities there are keeping it 4 lug.

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    That axle housing is useless for you.

    Everything attached to that housing will bolt into your housing. The one problem is that the flange to flange width of the assembly is going to be 1.5" wider than what your car currently is.
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    Thanks for the advice Jack. I did eventually find info that had me come to that realisation. I'm now coming to the realisation that my best path may be to wait for a cheap 6 pot or a wreck to come on to the local market that I can purchase and pick over, which may be a lengthy wait. Is what it is.

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